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Guangzhou Guomao Hardware Product Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004 which is a professional manufacturer with 10 years of experience .We are specialized in metal accessories ,bag locks ,metal buckles,labels,zipper puller&slider etc.

With the continuous development of the our company,we set up three different departments, including the production department, sales department, ministry of foreign trade.In addtion,our company has our own design department with advanced techniques and strict administration system. Based on our strong production capacity,different needs of customers can be meet and quality products can be provided in short time.

Our principle:.Do not ask what your client can do for you.ask what you can do for your client.

We hope to establish a good business relationship with you.

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Add.:Room910,NO.36,Baohua Road,Xinhua Street,Huadu District,Guangzhou Guangdong China  Tel:0086-020-37738818
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